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Information about COOKIES

WOOD & Company Group websites use cookies in accordance with the law.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small set of data that a server sends to a browser, which stores it on the user’s computer. Each time you visit the same server, the browser then sends this data back to the server. Cookies are usually used to distinguish individual users, user preferences, etc. are stored in them, and thereby simplify website use. Cookies do not pose any danger to a computer. Yet cookies are important for reasons of privacy. A visited website can store any information about a visitor in cookies, and can therefore ascertain the interests of a particular visitor. However, in no case can cookies be used to identify visitors. Information from cookies can then be used for targeted advertising, statistical evaluation of visitor behaviour, etc. Yet this information can be obtained without cookies, so its use cannot be considered particularly risky.

Where do we use cookies?

On the website and other websites operated and supported by the WOOD & Company group.

Why do we use cookies?

They are basically used to optimally determine the information provided throughout the website, setting links, and other functional parts of the website. Cookies don’t impact web browsing speed.

Technical cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Without them in your browser, some features may not work properly. For example, a website page would not remember the information you entered so you would have to re-enter every time.

Third party cookies

We also use various services of our partners who also use cookies. Such cookies are controlled by third parties, and we do not have access to read or write this data. These are mainly systems for delivering advertising and traffic analysis. We use anonymous identifiers and third-party cookies on our website to target advertising messages.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies help us to constantly improve the website for you thanks to the monitoring of statistical data. Such as total traffic to the site, how many people clicked on a button, etc. We use Google Analytics, Google AD Sense, and Google Tag manager as analytical tools.

Cookies provide the necessary functionality of the Site, they are also used in order to optimize the services provided by the Site and to personalize ads.

The operator categorizes cookies according to their function into the following:

  1. Necessary cookies that are prerequisite for the proper functioning of the Site. This type of cookie ensures that the Site is secure and that it functions technically properly. They also allow your preferences to be remembered. The necessary cookies also ensure the site displays correctly on users’ end devices. These cookies are processed by the Operator on the legal basis of the law.
  2. Analytical cookies that collect and record anonymous data about how the Site is used by the user. This type of cookie enables finding out and analysing information, for example, about which websites are most visited or how much time users spend on the Website. These cookies are processed by the Operator on the legal basis of user consent.
  3. Marketing cookies that allow the Operator and other third parties to display personalized ads to the user based on the user’s profile information. Marketing cookies also enable connection to users’ social networks or the transfer of information between affiliate partners. These cookies are processed by the Operator on the legal basis of user consent.

More detailed information on the management of cookies by third parties is available at their websites:

The Operator informs the user about the use of cookies on the Website by means of a banner located at the footer of the website. The user is provided with information on the use of cookies together with the option to agree to the use of all types of cookies, or the option to set optional cookies according to their preferences. The user can change the cookie settings at any time on the Cookie Settings.

Each user can refuse the use of cookies in advance by selecting the appropriate settings in their browser. There, it is also possible to delete existing cookies that have already been stored on the user’s terminal device. Changing the extent to which the user allows the use of cookies may affect the ease of using the Site.

For more detailed information or clarifications, please contact the operators listed in the “Contact” section of the Site.


The conditions may be changed by the Operator at any time,and are effective on the day of their publication. Users acknowledge and agree to these terms by using the Site.

Conditions. These Terms and Conditions were published on May 2, 2022.