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21. June 2022 | Lakeside Park

Discover your ideal comfort zone for work and lifestyle

Easy access to the office, doing your best work, getting whatever you need, and all the while relaxing…the picture of a professional’s ideal urban day. And how about if your workday was just this? Find your comfort zone at Lakeside Park, where you can focus on your priorities.

Our comfort zone comprises the modern and ecological Lakeside Park 01 and Lakeside Park 02 admin buildings – ideally situated in popular Bratislava’s Nové Mesto, just 4 km from the Old Town. Lakeside Park tenants’ comprehensive comfort is complemented by excellent access via both public and private transport, relaxation in a green park and nearby tranquil Kuchajda Lake, as well as all necessary services.

Enjoy one of Bratislava’s most easily accessed locations

From the comfort of home to your working comfort zone – easy and fast. Our excellent public transport links are a huge plus, with tram, bus, and train (Bratislava – Nové Mesto) stops within comfortable walking distance. Lakeside Park also warmly welcomes bicycles and scooters. We also actively support shared transport, so you can rent a Rekola bike here and conveniently park a shared electric scooter. And car drivers will find plentiful parking and charge points. Comfortable and environmental commuting will ensure your working day starts in the best possible way.

Lakeside Park accessibility, source: WOOD & Company Real Estate

Shops, services and new tastes

Extensive services at Lakeside Park as well as nearby VIVO! shopping center and Fresh Market mean you can simply and quickly get everything you need and enjoy fresh coffee and tasty food with colleagues or friends. The Lakeside Park buildings are surrounded by a very pleasant ground floor with abundant lush greenery, and the ground floor has a cafe, restaurant, corner shops, and additional handy services. This “city within a city” just outside your office door will perfectly provide all the energy you need to successfully navigate your working days.

Comfortable offices with an ideal climate

High-tech offices and flexible layouts create a comfortable environment for your productive working day. And the building’s friendly management team regularly organizes popular activities such as street food, yoga classes, good-cause collections with tenants, and various community initiatives. Our proactive and positive philosophy supports your balanced and happy well-being and gives you so many benefits to choose from.

Advanced technologies boost your comfort

You’re in safe hands with Lakeside Park’s leading technology and high environmental standards. The latest innovations ensure energy-efficient heating and cooling, plentiful natural light, and clean, humidified air in the winter. In a healthy office environment of the comfort zone, changing the outside temperature will not affect you. So, you’ll have the perfect year-round climate for your job, while the technology works efficiently in the background.

Embrace nature during the 9-to-5

Lakeside Park 02’s outstanding environmental credentials are proven by our LEED Gold environmental certification. And our approach to maximizing comfort for tenants is also reflected in the architectural design. This comfort zone’s natural materials and plentiful greenery complement the nearby attraction of Kuchajda Lake.

This is where enjoying city life and environmental responsibility go hand-in-hand. Ecological solutions, relaxation, and sports in the green park and by the lake will bring your day a pleasurable perspective, while panoramic views of Bratislava and the Little Carpathians hill range will inspire you. This setting boosts your health and productivity while maximizing environmental benefits.

The architectural solution of Lakeside Park, source: WOOD & Company Real Estate

Ready to enjoy your comfort zone? Join our community of satisfied tenants. Contact us with your office space requirements, and we’ll make you a bespoke offer.