Singu Guestbook is the most innovative, effective and easy-to-use visitor management system.

From offices, through logistic and production facilities Singu services thousands of guests every day. The platform creates a new way to invite, welcome and service guests. Our global coverage gives the possibility to manage entire portfolio of your properties with one central cloud-based platform.

Self Service station for unlimited number of visitors

Guests can use a touch-screen enabled
computer to enter personal data and print the access card skipping the queue at the reception. It doesn’t matter for Singu Guestbook whether you have five or thousand guests per day. The platform will manage them anyway.

Host notifications

When guest check-in, Singu Guestbook notifies the host using the preferred method: SMS or e-mail. Singu Guestbook allows you to list all companies or departments in the building and allows visitors to notify their host (reception or employee) about their arrival.

Beautiful Guest Invitations & Mobile Check in

Beautiful Guest Invitations & Mobile Check in
 By receiving beautiful invitations delivered by e-mail or SMS, your guest could easly register using QR code from invitation. Process is much faster and more plesent for your guests using mobile check-in.

Administration panel

Reception and managers can use a web dashboard to configure settings, manage widgets and control process flow. Whole platform is mobile-friendly so you could manage it from your tablet or smartphone easily. Now you are able to access all data in our secure cloud-based interface. You can track you building visitor traffic, search the visitor log or update your settings easily. Singu database is is easily accessible, backed up, and safe.

Safety and evacuation reports

Singu Guestbook enhances overall facility security by tracking all guests entering and leaving the premises. The system also includes a one-click option to create and print an evacuation report with the list of all visitors currently in the building.

State-of-the-art custom badges & platform interface

During the implementation you can customize the information that’s shown on guest ID cards and print them in o ur supported DYMO printer. It can be customized with any text and your logo. Platform can be easily branded with you your logo, layout colour or your office image as well.

Apple Wallet Integration

We are pleased to announce that Singu GuestBook platform is fully integrated with Apple Wallet. Guests invited by the pre-booking module will be able to add their visit to Apple Wallet and access it’s details easily with theit IPhone or IPad

Multilingual sign-in

Singu services guests and visitors from all around the world. They are able to use one of dozens of our supported languages including Chinese, English, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian and others. New languages are coming soon!